Clean Dog Teeth Naturally and Safely with Petzlife Products!

Keeping your dog's teeth clean is very important for his or her health. Petzlife products offer a completely natural method for cleaning dog's teeth. Plaque on dogs teeth can harbor bacteria and cause gum infections which can allow the bacteria entrance into the dog's body. Petzlife spray and gel offer a safe alternative to having your dog's teeth cleaned at the vet.

Anesthesia must be used at the vet to perform the cleaning. Not only is this a very expensive process, it can be very dangerous for the dog. Every year hundreds of dogs die from the anesthesia they have an adverse reaction to. Petzlife gel and spray make this process unnecessary. There is no longer any need to risk anesthesia in order to keep your dog's teeth clean.

Why Risk Expensive and Dangerous Teeth Scaling?

Petzlife Dog Teeth Cleaning


Petlife products contain nothing but all-natural ingredients. The main active ingredient is grapefruit seed extract. This, along with the other natural ingredients all act to remove plaque. Petzlife gel comes in regular (mint) flavor and salmon flavor. We have had no reports of any problems with dogs disliking the flavor of either Petzlife product. However, the manufacturer is suggesting that the salmon flavored Petzlife product may offer additional plaque fighting ability.

Not only do the Petzlife gels and spray aid in removing and preventing plaque, eliminating bad breath in dogs is another benefit of using Petzlife products. Chronic bad breath in dogs is caused by excessive bacteria which plaque is responsible for. Dogs' bad breath is a symptom which should be addressed right away. Ignoring bad breath and plaque in dogs can lead to serious health consequences.

The Petzlife spay offers a good method for maintaining teeth health in dogs and cats which are adverse to allowing brushing or simple administration directly to teeth. If the plaque build-up is significant, the Petzlife spray will require a much longer period of time to remove it. We have also noticed the "hiss" of the spray bottle is somewhat disconcerting to our dogs.

We highly suggest the use of Petzlife gel (either regular or salmon flavored) for cleaning severe to moderate plaque build-up on dog teeth. In the best circumstance, the Petzlife gel should be administered by brushing the dog's teeth. If a brush cannot be used, then rubbing the dog's teeth with gel covered fingers is the next best solution.

Do not allow your dog any food or water before using Petzlife gel or spray and at least 30 minutes afterwards. We like to apply the gel to our older dog's teeth right at bedtime. This offers the longest time possible for the Petzlife product to work.

We suggest taking a few weeks to get your dog used to using Petzlife. For future success, it is very important that your dog does not consider the application of the gel or spray a bad experience. Take your time at first and make sure the experience is positive...for both you and your dog! If several weeks are used to get your dog used to the process, Petzlife products will result in a life-long treatment for effectively keeping dangerous plaque from building up on teeth.

Petzlife gel and spray should be used every day while heavy plaque is present. It can take several weeks or several months of daily treatment to remove heavy plaque. For maintaining healthy teeth, dogs only need the Petzlife treatment several times per week. Petzlife spray and gel provide a powerful and inexpensive method for maintaining your dog's oral health.

Petzlife products can also be used to clean cat's teeth. Cats may prove more of a challenge in cleaning their teeth compared to dogs. However, the gel and spray are both highly effective for cat's oral health.

We ship all Petzlife products via USPS priority mail the same or next business day. Shipping times are usually 2 to 4 days via this method. Additionally, we offer a free dog leash with each Petzlife order!

We have found Petzlife products to be of the highest quality. We use the gel on our own dogs and are pleased with the results. Petzlife offers a safe alternative for cleaning your dog's teeth!


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