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Why Liquid Glucosamine Is Your Best Choice

Have you heard that veterinarians are suggesting liquid glucosamine to treat dog osteoarthritis in more and more cases today? Have you noticed your canine having trouble negotiating steps or stairs? Or perhaps he or she is having difficulty jumping onto or off of the bed as they have always done previously in their life. These are just a few of the signs that dog arthritis may be setting in and affecting your pet.

Glucosamine Supplements For Arthritis


Treat Dog Arthritis Symptoms Safely


Just like with people, most dogs will develop osteoarthritis to some extent when they get older. Different breeds of dogs, and especially different sizes of dogs, can be more affected by the disease than others. Usually, larger breed dogs suffer from the joint disease more so than smaller breeds because of their added weight which applies greater stress to the diseased joints then in smaller dogs.

Rate Of Absorption In Liquid Glucosamine 750

It's a well known fact that the absorption rate of liquid glucosamine is much higher than any other method. Consuming it in the liquid form permits full benefits. The active ingredients in glucosamine/MSM of this natural substance is best absorbed by the body in this form. When tablets are taken, acid has to be secreted in order to dissolve them. This puts unnecessary strain on the body. Capsules are easier on the body and preferable to tablets. Injections are a good method, especially for people with ulcers or other conditions affecting the digestive system. However, although injections are effective they are not readily available.

The way to take glucosamine is a personal choice:

Choosing liquid glucosamine will be determined by the reaction you have had trying different forms of treatment. There are many people who simply cannot swallow pills, even though they know how much better they would feel. Tablets often contain fillers and stabilizers. Concentration of active ingredients is reduced by these. Contrary to this, the supplement is nothing but the essential active ingredients.

Therefore, there is no waste. Some studies indicate just 20% of essential content is in tablets. The other 80% is not absorbed and has no function whatever. How would you feel if you took a 100 mg tablet and knew that you were only absorbing 20%? This type of supplementation does not present these problems. Immediately after swallowing, liquid glucosamine goes to work.

It even comes in various flavors to make it more palatable. By using this method your body will get maximum benefits and heal faster. Tablets are less expensive, but more of them would need to be taken in order to get the appropriate dosage.

Liquid glucosamine hydrochloride is the best practical method:

Simply mix it with a cold beverage if you're unable to take it 'neat'! This way the active ingredients will go to work immediately and you'll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you're doing the best thing for your body. This form of the glucosamine chondroitin is soluble. After a few weeks some of the pain will be alleviated. It would take months for any relief to appear if you were using tablets.

Chronic arthritis sufferers are more likely to choose a faster route, which is often best. Much research into the benefits and merits of the liquid have revealed some very beneficial secrets. There is no doubt that this method of absorption far exceeds that of both the capsule and tablet form of ingestion.

Liquid glucosamine is safe and is often suggested by vets to offset some of the negative side effects the disease brings on. The glucosamine in the liquid form is the preferred version for dogs simply because it is so easy to administer the daily supplement.

Instead of having to force pills or tablets down your dog's throat, all that's required in order to give the animal their daily dose of liquid glucosamine is to simply poured over their food at meal time. It's just that easy.

An added benefit for using liquid glucosamine to treat dog arthritis is that some studies indicate that the liquid version of the supplement product is more readily absorbed by the body and allows it to utilize the building blocks better for regenerating the damaged joint tissues.

Pet owners should understand that, unlike prescription medications for treating canine osteoarthritis, liquid glucosamine does not offer any immediate pain relief for the animals. In fact, it usually takes several weeks to several months of daily supplementation for the animal before the experienced any significant benefits and decrease in the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis in dogs.

Also it should be noted for pet owners that many of the prescribed medicines that veterinarians have suggested in the past to treat the disease may cause significant and quite dangerous side effects in their animals. In fact, many pets have been known to die due to the side effects. Some veterinarians point out that if a human medicine was as dangerous as some of these prescribed medications for treating dog arthritis it would've long ago been banned by the FDA because they are so dangerous.

Only in extreme circumstances were the disease is advanced significantly in the dog is severely debilitated should these powerful and dangerous prescribed drugs be tried for the animal. If they are, the dog owner should be well aware of what possible side effects to be looking out for and contact their veterinarian immediately if any are observed.

Liquid glucosamine has no side effects and is rapidly becoming the choice supplement product for treating osteoarthritis and canines.

Visit our website for more details about how pet owners are helping their pets ease the symptoms of dog arthritis by using liquid glucosamine supplement products.

Glucosamine For Treating Arthritis


Treat Arthritis Symptoms Safely


  • Safe and All Natural Glucosamine
  • Inexpensive - Full Dose Contains 1500mg
  • No Side Effects
  • Beware of Prescribed Drugs!


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