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Cactus Canyon is committed to providing great products to folks interested in improving their health and the health of their families as well as their pets. Although we can't offer all these products in our Cactus Canyon store, we want to introduce our favorites.

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Viva Acai - The main ingredients foundin Viva Acai are pomegrante, vitamin B-12, and the Acai Berry. These are all important, but when taken together the results can be awesome! Viva Acai...
MultiVescence - Complete multi-vitamin in a bubbly delicious berry drink; Convenient, single serving packets; Absorbs easier and works faster in the body than capsule or tablet vitamins without stomach upset; Your all-in-one source of vitamins, antioxidants, & minerals! more info about MultiVescence...
Green Tea Plus - Delicious drink with high powerhouse of antioxidants; 72 minerals mixed with a concentrated formula of green tea; The best 7800 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Value which promotes healthy metabolism, natural source of energy, enhances regular body functions, provides heart support and a healthy immunity. more info about Green Tea Plus...
Omega 3 Fish Oil - pharmaceutical grade, ultra pure, EPA and DHA Omega-3 rich fish oils; Supports and increases circulation, heart, brain, and skin health, mood & focus, flexibility; Studies indicate body's tissues and organ functions are positively enhanced. more info about Omega 3 Fish Oil...
CocoPure Chocolate Tea - Concentrated cocoa drink with great rich chocolate flavor; Enjoyed hot or cold; Low in caffeine & calories; Encourages healthy weight loss; powerful source of antioxidants; Supports cardiovascular, digestive, and arterial health; increases blood flow, enhances immunity and more raises energy. more info about CocoPure Chocolate Tea...
Aloe Vera Concentrate 18X - Add to favorite drink; rich in antioxidants; concentrated to deliver 18 times the antioxidant strength for a healthy immunity and digestion, over-all body health as well as supports healthy joints. more info about Aloe Vera Concentrate 18X...
Aloe Ease Colon and Body Cleanse - all natural chewable tablets; colon cleaning system to support healthy restroom habits; eliminates waste easily and quickly; Supports regular bowel movements, increased energy and improved vitality.
Green Tea Cream - Skin becomes softer, smoother, and more radiant; packed full of powerful antioxidants; supports great skin tone, increases firmness, improves elasticity or a more creates a youthful look.
Triple Greens Drink Mix - Equivalent of 9+ vegetables and fruits per serving; Delivers three key components: dark greens, super fruits, and healthy flax & fiber! Helps Support: Heart, Immunity, Energy, and Brain Health. more info about Triple Greens...
Organic Triple Greens Mix - Each ingredient Certified Organic; Designed to enhance the body’s ability to detoxify and cleanse! Improves circulation, mental focus, energy levels, sharpens memory, and encourages strong immunity against disease. more info about Triple Greens...
Amazing Oranges Drink Mix - convenient and delicious; Fights stress & fatique; Supports vitality, stamina, and energy! This orange group supplies the best most powerful agents available for enhancing our overall health and energy.
Perfect Purples Drink Mix - Healthy and delicious anti-aging drink mix; contains whole foods & veg. extracts rich in nutrients to support healthy skin; enhances immunity, vascular system and circulation, brain & memory, and healthy anti-aging properties. more info about Perfect Purples...
Super Reds Drink Mix - Energizing antioxidant protection for your body with a great berry taste; supports your body's liver, immune system, neurological and cardiovascular systems as well as healthy eye functions. more info about Super Reds...
Green Tea Max - convenient dropper; Green tea contains powerful antioxidants and encourages weight loss; Increases energy, enhances immunity, supports skin and healthy aging. more info about Green Tea Max...
Espree Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo - Soothes rashes caused by dog allergies or pets with sensitive skin issues; all-natural conditioners and shampoos; Pet allergies can be caused by chemicals, foods, insects, mold, grass, or other allergens from their environment. more about dog allergies...
Dog Anti-Bark Collar - Doesn't shock; sprays a safe and non-toxic mist that has an odd smell to annoys your dog; Collar fits confortably around the neck; Teaches dogs not to bark quickly and easily. more info about Dog Anti-Bark Collar...
Underground Invisible Fence for Dogs - under ground containment system; easy to install; safe and effective way to contain dogs to a specific area without spending lots of money on a fence. Collars are worn to train the dogs to stay away from the flags; the dogs are shocked when they cross the line and get to close to the border; The strength of the shock is adjustable from very mild to strong. more info about the Underground Invisible Fence...
Flax Oil - Protect the Heart and Body with Essential Fatty Acids - Flax Seed Oil is an herb that acts as a natural source of essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3. Like the Omega-3 found in fish, the fatty acids in Flax Seed Oil have been connected to healthy heart support and overall immune function.


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