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Dogs With Arthritis
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Treating Dogs With Arthritis

Kay and Steve have quite a bit of experience with old dogs suffering from arthritis and dog joint problems. Their first experience was with Storm, a Dalmatian Steve found abandoned on a country road. As Storm grew older he began suffering from arthritis. They wanted an all-natural treatment for treating his disease which would cause no side effects and would be completely safe for their pet.

All Natural Liquid Glucosamine

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They discovered that Syn-flex glucosamine was the perfect alternative to dangerous prescription drugs for helping Storm deal with his dog arthritis. Not only was Synflex completely safe for Storm, it was also far less expensive than prescription drugs.

Most dogs, just like most humans will develop arthritis to some degree later in life. Dogs with arthritis can have the disease in varying degrees. Oftentimes larger dogs have more problems with joint disease than do smaller dogs. This is due largely to the fact that larger dogs’ joints suffer more stress simply because they have to carry more weight. Treating dog arthritis is a necessary stage for most dog owners.

About Your Dog's Weight and Arthritis

There is no cure for dogs with arthritis. Its effects can only be minimized by diet, exercise, and possibly supplements. Of course diet is important with respect to nutrition, it is also important that dogs with arthritis do not become overweight with their diet. A natural method for helping treat dog arthritis is to simply keep your dog on the leaner side. There are other health reasons to keep your dog’s weight down, but for arthritis it is important not to add unneeded stress to the joints. It is far healthier to keep you dog slightly “skinny” than for him or her to be over weight.

Does Exercise Help?

How is exercise connected with controlling dog arthritis? First of all, exercise in young dogs does not cause arthritis. In fact, it is quite healthy for building strong bones for later in life. But for older dogs with arthritis, too much or the wrong types of exercise can lead to aggravating arthritis conditions. For example, one of our little dogs with arthritis still thinks she is a puppy often. We have to be careful or she will “over do it” by getting too wild and crazy in her play. We have to slow her down or her joints will end up bothering her. She often begins limping after too hard of play. So it is important to keep your old dog’s exercise routines in check and not go over board with it.

Lastly, many people find that glucosamine can benefit dog arthritis. Thousands of dog owners give their pets a daily dose of glucosamine to keep the joints strong and lubricated. Although vets often suggest Rimadyl for dogs with arthritis, it should be noted there can be significant side effects with such prescribed drugs. Always ask your vet about possible side effects before giving your pet these medications. Although not all dogs respond favorably to glucosamine treatments, the vast majority will benefit after they have been on it for a month or so.

All Natural Liquid Glucosamine

It should be noted that dog arthritis medication does not cure arthritis; it simply helps alleviate the symptoms and improves the quality of life for the dog. There are tablet, capsule and liquid forms of glucosamine for treating dog arthritis. The glucosamine treatments with the liquid form usually offer quicker results. Plus, this form is usually easier to give dogs since it can be simply poured over the dog’s food at meal time. Remember that it will usually take several months before results are seen for the dog with arthritis.

Owners should learn how to help their dogs with arthritis. They are great friends and deserve to live as happily and healthily as possible.



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