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What Is the Preferred Glucosamine Dosage for Treating Osteoarthritis Disease?

Glucosamine has long been known to be a superb supplement product for treating osteoarthritis joint disease in both humans and dogs. Instead of simply masking the pain and soreness caused by the disease, as do the prescription medications available, a daily glucosamine dosage actually provides the bodies of both humans and dogs the necessary building blocks for rebuilding and regenerating the damaged cartilage tissues within the joints.

Glucosamine HCL For Treating Osteo-Arthritis


Treat Arthritis Symptoms Safely


  • Safe and Natural Glucosamine
  • Inexpensive - 1500mg Per Dosage
  • No Side Effects
  • Beware of Prescription Medications!

Not only do the prescribed medications for arthritis not address the actual root cause of the disease, most of them cause side effects to one degree or another. In fact, many of them have caused such extreme side effects, and even death in some patients, that the FDA has banned many of them from the marketplace.

The preferred dosage of liquid glucosamine 1500 which contains 1500 mg daily per dose, is one quarter ounce. This serving can be taken straight when poured over one's favorite food or salad, or into a preferred drink at meal time. Only larger adults who weigh over 250 pounds may require larger doses of glucosamine.

Most glucosamine for dogs products contain a chart which describes the daily dosage of glucosamine for a dog depending upon its weight. Usually, dogs weighing over 75 pounds are given the regular dosage of 1500 mg daily. For smaller dogs, pet owners can see the exact dosage suggested on the manufacturer's website for their specific animals. In many cases, for smaller dogs, the daily dosage gets down into the neighborhood of 1/16 of an ounce.

For a daily dosage of one quarter ounce of liquid glucosamine, an 8 ounce bottle of the product will last approximately one month in time. The liquid is much preferred versus the pills and capsules because of the ease of administering the daily dosage in both humans and pets. Many people have problems swallowing pills and capsules. Therefore, the liquid version enables them to easily take their daily dosages without stress or worry.

As for pets, anyone who has had the unfortunate instance of having to provide their dogs with pills or capsules understands the benefits and ease with which liquid glucosamine can be administered to a dog.

The best glucosamine for treating osteoarthritis joint disease is of course the brand or formula of glucosamine 500 which works the best. As in the case of other products, one usually gets what one pays for in the marketplace. Therefore, check out the online reviews of those products without the lowest available prices. In many cases those products which are lowball in price often contain inferior glucosamine or a diluted version.


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Synflex liquid glucosamine products are natural products designed
to ease joint and arthritis pain safely and effectively. Since Synflex is a supplement
products, they are not regulated by the FDA in the same way prescription drugs are.