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Glucosamine and its Effects on Dog Arthritis

Glucosamine has always been one of those medications that hardly failed to disappoint its consumer. Be it human or canine, success stories of patients just keep coming in. You can always count on it to be one of the safest and effective treatments available for dog Arthritis.

Chondroitin For Treating Osteo-Arthritis


Treat Arthritis Symptoms Without Side Effects


  • Safe and All Natural Glucosamine
  • Inexpensive - Full Dose Contains 1500mg
  • No Side Effects
  • Beware of Prescribed Drugs!

NSAID’s and steroids are products that are known to deliver faster results than Glucosamine. This may seem like a good option to choose, if a person was looking for a quick relief. Yet, the downside to this story is that NSAID’s and corticosteroids cause severe damage to your dog’s body. These medications are meant for short term pain relief.

If your dog consumes it for a long period, he might end up having ulcers and erosions in the intestines and even irreversible hepatic (liver) and renal (kidney) damage. This is exclusive of the general side effects such as vomiting, bleeding and diarrhea. Ultimately you will have to treat your dog for Arthritis and the harmful side effects. Not only will this be an extra burden to your dog but it will be an added expense on your part as well.

By no means does this article aim to criticize the use of NSAID’s and steroids. It is merely an attempt to make a point that it is wise to use substances capable of generating permanent harmful effects to the body as the last resort.

The treatment mechanism used by Glucosamine supplements is somewhat similar to the normal function of the body. The compound itself is a natural derivative and hence causes minimum damage to the cells of the body. It may take a while for you to actually see an improvement in your dog but the ride will be worth it.

Dogs are not given the intelligence to foresee issues such as Canine Arthritis but as humans we should be able to understand it and prepare our dogs for it. Since Glucosamine is ideal for long term use, you can purchase it before hand and give it to your pet in small doses. This will delay the signs of Arthritis.

Keeping the plus points aside, one cannot neglect the fact that Glucosamine is not given in its natural form. It is mixed with other substances. As a result, it may have a few mild side effects which may or may not occur in your dog. Therefore it is best to keep a Vet in the picture.

Be good to your pet and put him or her on a course of Glucosamine. Dogs are a type of breed that shows gratitude. If humans were able to understand their language, I am sure you would hear a word of thanks.


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Synflex liquid glucosamine products are natural products designed
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products, they are not regulated by the FDA in the same way prescription drugs are.