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Syn-flex Liquid Glucosamine Dosages

One of the best parts about taking glucosamine in the liquid form is that it's so easy to take. Also, being in liquid form, makes each does more effective since more glucosamine can be absorbed by the body.

There are no fillers in each dose of liquid glucosamine as there are in pills and tablet forms of the substance. The dosage information for daily use of Synflex is listed below.

The Recommended daily dosage for adult humans is one quarter of an ounce per day of Synflex. It is suggested the daily dose be doubled for the first 10 days for Syn-flex. After that there is no benefit in increasing the dosage. If one weighs over 230 pounds, the dosage of about one-half ounce per day is suggested.

One quarter of an ounce is about 1.5 teaspoons. Each bottle of Syn-flex has an easy to measure spout with the markings clearly visible. Simply squeeze the bottle until the required dosage fills the reservoir. Then pour it into a spoon, into water, or your favorite juice.

One may wish to keep a daily journal each day of how one feels. The majority of people taking Syn-flex start to feel the positive effects in 10 to 15 days. Sometimes it may take up to a month of daily doses to ease pain.

For those customers with smaller dogs, here is a handy reference chart for measuring smaller amounts of glucosamine. One may purchase a very inexpensive milliliter measuring dropper at most pharmacies.

View dosages for smaller dogs on our dog arthritis page.

Side Effects of
Syn-flex with Other Drugs

Compared to the dangerous potential side effects of NSAIDS and COX-2 Inhibitors, there are virtually no side effects with either Synflex.

It is very unlikely, but it is possible that those who are allergic to shellfish, may have some allergic reactions with the products. However, most people who are allergic to shellfish, are allergic to the proteins in the meat of shellfish and not the chitin from which glucosamine is produced. If there could be a potential problem, it is suggested one start taking Synflex in very small doses, and work up to the daily dose. In all cases where you may have questions, please consult your doctor.

Synflex Original
Synflex 1500 GlucosaminePet Synflex

The expiration dates on our Syn-flex are close to two years from the date of purchase.



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Women who are pregnant or lactating should always consult their doctor before taking any supplement. Also, diabetics should always consult their doctor before taking Syn-flex.

In some rare cases, glucosamine has been known to cause upset stomachs and nausea. If this should occur, try splitting the dosage up between evenings and mornings.

Other than what we have listed here, there are no contraindications or side effects with Synflex. This is such a sharp contrast to the drugs Vioxx and Celebrex, it makes trying glucosamine a simple choice.

Not only do dangerous prescription drugs pose serious risks to their users, they offer absolutely no help in rebuilding damaged cartilage. Syn-flex will not only slow the progression of osteoarthritis, they will also help the rehabilitation of new cartilage growth.



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