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Glucosamine Roll-On


Power+Plus is a roll-on, topical application of glucosamine. Users of Flexicose and Syn-flex know that liquid glucosamine is the ultimate line of defense in treating osteoarthritis.


Although not a long term answer for effectively rehabilitating cartilage, roll-on Power+Plus is highly effective when used along with daily doses of liquid glucosamine.


Power+Plus glucosamine roll on can make a notable difference in combating localized, acute, and troublesome joint pain. If you are one of these sufferers, Power+Plus could allow you to live a more normal and happy life.

Just $8.98

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Power+Plus is manufactured with high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

The glucosamine HCL in Power+Plus is 99% pure.

The joint pain which is commonly caused by arthritis can be effectively alleviated through the use of a glucosamine roll on. This treatment is applied to the skin around the affected area, where it provides an instantly soothing effect and pain relief that is targeted exactly at the point where it is needed.

The application of glucosamine roll on is far more convenient for people who are suffering arthritic pain that any other creams or gels which have to be squeezed from their tubes and rubbed on with the hands. This can be very difficult to do properly when the joints of the fingers have been affected by arthritis. The roll on is simply passed across the skin, leaving an even trail of liquid glucosamine that will quickly begin to have a noticeable effect.

The main ingredient is glucosamine, a naturally occurring compound that is the major component of cartilage. A glucosamine roll on also contains a number of other ingredients which contribute to the soothing action. Menthol, for example, is commonly found in these products. It produces a gentle cooling effect on the skin.

It is the deterioration of cartilage, the cushioning material that normally prevents joint damage, which causes the pain associated with arthritis. This break down can be the result of the natural aging process, in which case it may not be regularly felt, or particularly severe during everyday life. Older people who do occasionally suffer pain or stiffness may not need to undergo medical treatment, but they will find the relief provided by the application of glucosamine roll on to be highly effective when they do need something to soothe their joints.

Arthritis is the name for a group of conditions that can cause more serious damage to the cartilage. This results in soreness and stiffness of the limbs and joints, which can have a detrimental effect on quality of life as well as being very painful. This is more common in old age, particularly since these are progressive diseases that worsen over time, but younger people can also suffer these symptoms.

Applying a glucosamine roll on to areas where soreness or swelling is occurring can help to reduce the effects of arthritis. There is no substitute, however for the advice of your doctor and the medications which they can provide. Application of glucosamine to the skin cannot prevent further damage to the cartilage and it can only have a temporary, localized effect. It can be a useful supplement to medical care when there is intermittent pain. It complements the long term action of prescribed medicines with a useful short term solution for the symptoms of arthritis.


Power+Plus Ingredients:


Glucosamine. This supplement aids the body in its ability to manufacture collagen and proteglycans, which are necessary for rebuilding damaged cartilage in joints. Glucosamine also supports the production of synovial fluid, which lubricates the body’s joints.


MethylSulfonylMethane. This additive, also known as MSM, aids in detoxifying the body and is responsible for the correct operation of the sodium-potassium pump in body cells. This chemical pump brings nutrients into the cells and eliminates toxins.


Camphor. This ingredient acts as an antiseptic and anesthetic in countering localized pain.


Menthol. A cooling agent that stimulates the skin.


Isopropyl Myristate. This additive promotes better absorption of glucosamine when Power+Plus is applied.





Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients
Promotes Healthy Joints
Aids in the Rehabilitation of Cartilage
Reduces Inflammation
Eases the Pain of Osteoarthritis
Improves Joint Mobility

Power+Plus Roll-On for just $8.98

Power+Plus for Joint Pain Relief!

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