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Questions about Synflex

We have here a number of questions which we get our regular basis from our Synflex customers. The Synflex is a completely natural compound containing glucosamine which aids in the rebuilding of damaged joint tissue. There are virtually no side effects and its per does expanse is quite low compared to alternative treatments for arthritis.

Syn-flex is one of the most effective liquid glucosamine products available. They not only are 98% pure, but they have 10 other arthritis relief ingredients added to their formula.

Their very high quality formulation of liquid Synflex glucosamine ensures a much greater absorption of glucosamine than do products in capsule or pill form. In fact, with Synflex liquid glucosamine, users will often feel improvements in 15-20 days of use compared to 6 weeks with capsules or pills.

Q. What about side effects with Syn-flex?

A. All high quality liquid glucosamine products such as Syn-flex share one very important quality. They are virtually free of side effects in most cases. There are only a few circumstances where caution is advised. Diabetics and pregnant women should consult their doctor first before taking any kind of supplement. Also, those allergic to shellfish may have an allergic reaction. A very few people may experience an upset stomach. This can be avoided by splitting the dosage up between evening and morning.

Q. Does Syn-flex and Syn-flex 1500 have any interactions with other medications?

A. Both products are all natural and should not have any interactions with other drugs. But again, consult your doctor if you have concerns.

Q. Why is healthy cartilage important?

A. When cartilage suffers damage from either osteoarthritis or an injury, pain will usually occur. Cartilage protects bones from contacting one another in the joints which causes pain. In many cases the damage caused by this rubbing can result in the need for surgery. Nearly 40 million people in the United States suffer from osteoarthritis. Whether you are already suffering from it, or simply want to do as much as possible to prevent it, liquid glucosamine is proving to be the safe alternative for many people.

Q. What is Glucosamine?

A. Glucosamine, such as found in Synflex, is a molecule of a type of sugar that is a key compound of the extra cellular portion of cartilage. This area is often called the “grout” between the cells of cartilage. It releases water, and thus acts as a “shock absorber” for joints. Plenty of Synflex glucosamine means plenty of protection for the joint. Glucosamine is a natural sugar already produced by your body. It’s the key ingredient in water holding molecules also formed in the body.

The more glucosamine in the body, the more water holding molecules can be produced. These are a major building blocks of healthy cartilage. The glucosamine found in Syn-flex also stimulate the production of proteins found in cartilage which serve to bind water molecules to the matrix of cartilage. The glucosamine in Synflex is made from the shells of shellfish.

Q. What about FDA approval and Synflex?

A. The FDA does not regulate any nutritional supplements.

Q. Is it necessary to take the product every day for the rest of my life once I start taking it?

A. A daily dose of Synflex glucosamine is advisable for everyone actually. However, in answer to the question, there are no “withdrawal” effects if one stops taking it.

Q. Do the products taste good?

A. Taste is relative. Some people prefer the taste of original Synflex (apple flavor), or Synflex 1500 (orange flavor). The Synflex for Pets is beef flavored.

Q. Is Synflex good for arthritis in pets?

A. Yes! In fact that is how we first got acquainted with Synflex liquid glucosamine. Our older dog Storm needed some relief from his arthritis. We tried it and it worked great for him. Aspirin and other prescription drugs can be very dangerous and sometimes deadly for dogs. Synflex Glucosamine should be a pet owner’s first choice in treating dog, cat, or horse arthritis since it is completely safe for them with no harmful side effects. Syn-flex 1500 is not suggested for pets.

Q. Will my dog or cat like the taste of Syn-flex?

A. Here again, we use both products for our dogs. They don’t seem to care which we give them. We simply pour their daily dose over their food at meal time. If a dog or cat is finicky about it, just stir it into their food.

Q. What about Syn-flex for athletes?

A. Athletes all over the world are some of biggest users of Synflex glucosamine. The wear and tear on joints in most sports makes glucosamine a vital supplement to an athlete’s diet.

Q. Can Synflex liquid glucosamine actually repair cartilage that has been severely damaged?

A. Syn-flex is not miracle products which can fix any injury, but they do contain the ingredients to give your body the best chance at rebuilding itself.

Q. Do doctors recommend taking glucosamine?

A. In Europe, prescribing glucosamine for joint problems has been standard practice for decades. In fact, the glucosamine market in Europe is quite large. And in this country, more and more doctors are suggesting their patients take the supplement. There are many medical studies which can be found on the web detailing the successes of glucosamine users.

Q. What about Chondroitin?

A. Synflex contains Chondroitin. About 80% of shark cartilage is composed of Chondroitin. Chondroitin is beginning to be recognized as an extremely important component in the formation of healthy cartilage.

Q. What about the other ingredients in Syn-flex?

A. Not only does Syn-flex contain glucosamine and chondroitin, they also contain ingredients such as boswellin, yucca and omega 3 and 6 acids which add to joint health and help decrease inflammation. Additionally, ascorbic acid and manganese are added to help your body absorb glucosamine.

Q. What about refrigerating Syn-flex?

A. Syn-flex is not to be refrigerated. Just keep it in a cool place in your house.

Q. What about shelf life?

A. The products we ship will all have an expiration date of nearly 2 years from the time of your purchase. Many of our customers take advantage of this long shelf life by purchasing multiple bottle lots.

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