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Controling Tartar On Your Dog's Teeth

One of the first things dog owners notice about tartar on their dog's teeth is how unsightly it is. However, the visual effect the tartar creates should be the least of the dog owner’s worries. Some breeds, and some dogs are more susceptible to the buildup than others. However, in all cases, tartar buildup on dog’s teeth should be taken very seriously.

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Proper dog dental health requires a consistent maintenance program for ensuring tartar does not build up on dogs’ teeth. The real problem with the plaque buildup is twofold. In the first place the plaque acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. Secondly, the tartar build up on dog’s teeth, just as in humans, can lead to gum disease. Gum infections often result in bleeding gums. The bleeding gums then act as a direct conduit for the bacteria to infect other parts of the body.

Thus, the tartar on dogs teeth eventually results in more severe problems as the bacteria is able to infect other organs in the dog's body. These infections can be quite severe and occasionally can even result in death. Cleaning dog teeth safely should be an important consideration for owners.

It is far easier to prevent tartar build up on dogs’ teeth than it is to remove it once it's there. It should be noted that the best time to begin proper dental hygiene for dogs is when they are puppies. It's much easier then when the dog becomes older.

However, far too many dog owners do not take dental care seriously until after the plaque buildup becomes severe. At that time they discover that one of the most popular methods for removing tartar on dog’s teeth is a process called scaling. This procedure is performed by a vet and the dog must be put under general anesthetic. Dog owners should realize that general anesthesia in dogs is far more dangerous than in humans. The mortality rate among dogs undergoing anesthesia is far greater than in humans. This is especially true the older the dog becomes.

Dog owners should always consult with their vet about these dangers before allowing their dog to undergo the dangerous and expensive procedure in order to remove tartar from the dog's teeth.

Another method which is far safer for removing tartar from dogs’ teeth involves using natural gels or sprays. The gels are preferable and do a better job at removing tartar. The sprays should only be used on dogs that refuse adequate access to their mouths. The all-natural gel products have virtually no side effects and are far more inexpensive than vet related procedures. Scaling done by a vet can cost $400-$500. Just one of these procedures would cover the cost of buying the all natural gel product for nearly a lifetime of most dogs.

Once the tartar on dogs teeth is removed by the gel, cleaning only three or four times a week are all that are required in order to maintain and control the tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. The gel product is 100% effective when used correctly. If the tartar buildup is severe, several months of daily cleaning may be required in order to first remove the tartar.

As stated earlier, it's far easier to begin the process of tartar prevention on your dog's teeth than it is to remove it after it's built up. Dog owners must understand the importance of good dog dental health and how it directly relates to the dog's future health, happiness, and longevity.

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