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Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine

Natural Joint Pain Relief

Enjoy Healthy Joints Without Side Effects!


Athletes and arthritis sufferers can now enjoy the healing powers of liquid glucosamine.

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Our Flexicose has the same expiration dates DTC Health is shipping today. We order almost weekly from them, so your Flexicose will always be fresh!

Customer Comments:

I am very pleased with the results of useing flexicose, but you know, I can't get anyone else to change to liquid.  I took the pills for 2 years and had no relief.  I am 70 years old and was haveing trouble climbing stairs.  After 8 weeks of using flexicose I have had no more knee or hand pain.  When they took vioxe off the market I thought I was through, but no more. 
Thanks  Maurice more!

Flexicose liquid glucosamine is a pure joint formula. It eases arthritis joint pain and promote healthy joints without side effects.

There is only one formula of Flexicose. The "pet" formula simply has a different label.

Flexicose was designed for humans, but works for pets!

32 Day Supply

How Can Cactus Canyon's Prices Be So Low?
We purchase direct from DTC Health and Syn-flex weekly in large case lots. We pass along the savings to you!

The Latest Glucosamine Study!

The GAIT study is finished! And the results are very positive for glucosamine. This is the most comprehensive U.S. study to date. The study found that 80% of the glucosamine group with moderate to severe pain experienced a significant reduction in joint pain!

Click here for more pictures of Violet!

Violet is one of our customers and was featured on the TV show, "The dog Whisperer".

The "Pet" formula of Flexicose and Syn-flex are the same as the human formula. Only the labels are different for marketing purposes.

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Dear Friends,
We discovered liquid glucosamine when our old dog, Storm, started suffering from arthritis. After Storm almost died from the side effects of aspirin, we looked for a safer arthritis treatment. We started him on liquid glucosamine and was amazed at the results a month later. We kept him on it for the rest of his life, began using it ourselves, and also became mid-west distributors for both Flexicose and Synflex. We now have thousands of satisfied customers!

In fact, about every third order is from one of our past customers! Liquid glucosamine is designed for humans, but also works for pets. Many of our customers, like us, share their glucosamine with their older pets. We simply can't say enough about Syn-flex and Flexicose liquid glucosamine and it's power to relieve joint pain. Try it for 30 days. If you aren't happy with either Synflex or Flexicose, return your product and we'll refund your bottle's cost!

Thank You,

Steve Weber

Liquid Glucosamine is designed for humans, but it works great for dogs too! If your older dog is stiff and slow in getting up, try Flexicose!
We have MANY satisfied pet owners!

Ease Arthritis Joint Pain Naturally With Flexicose!

Flexicose glucosamine is highly effective joint care formula. Glucosamine is completely natural without any side effects. Only those people allergic to shellfish should not take it. Others with existing conditions should consult their doctor before taking any supplement. Glucosamine helps rebuild the cartilage within the joints. When cartilage is worn, the bones will rub and cause pain. Flexicose glucosamine is easily absorbed and has 1500 mg of glucosamine in each dose.

Flexicose Helps Build Healthy Joints

Glucosamine has been used for a joint supplement for over 20 years in the United States and even longer in Europe. Many studies have shown it to be effective in treating the effects of osteoarthritis. Unlike the pill form of glucosamine, liquid glucosamine has no inert fillers. And it is much easier absorbed than the pill or tablet forms. Instead of taking mutiple pills each day, the liquid form is much more concentrated and only requires one or two doses per day for the full 1500mg of glucosamine.

All Natural, Safe, and Effective

We have first hand knowledge that Flexicose works! Not only did it relieve Storm's arthritis pain, the joint pain in my wife's fingers is all but gone thanks to the glucosamine she takes each morning. But our best indication of how well Flexicose works is the number of returning customers we have. About one out of every three orders we receive is from a returning customer!

Alternatives to Glucosamine Can Be Deadly!

You may have heard of the many complications attributed recently to prescription arthritis drugs. And did you know that an estimated 16,000 people die each year from common anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. We didn't know it either until Storm almost died from the aspirin he was taking. We then started researching the topic and discovered that many people were having great success in treating their own arthritis pain and their dogs' with liquid glucosamine.

Flexicose contains chondroitin too. Chondroitin has been shown to increase the effectiveness of glucosamine in rebuilding damaged cartilage.

Flexicose liquid glucosamine is a safe and effective alternative in the fight against arthritis. It provides relief with virtually no side effects.


Your Joints Deserve Only The Best!


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